More and more communities are realizing the value of using onsite systems as a key component of comprehensive wastewater management strategies.
At the same time, health departments are recognizing the need to encourage and support onsite system management to ensure water quality and natural resource protection.
SepInfo makes managing wastewater information easy. Information including inspections, pumpings, repairs, property description, site photos, and loan data can be entered and tracked in this user-friendly database software. Although it is currently configured for Massachusetts' Title 5 septic system regulations, we would be happy to talk to customers about modifying SepInfo to match other state's regulatory environments.


Key Benefits

  • SepInfo allows you to track all aspects of wastewater information management in a clear, easy to use format

  • You can create a wide range of reports with the touch of a button 

  • The extensive scope and flexibility of the software allows you track as much or as little data as desired

  • If you are familiar with Microsoft Access, SepInfo's open architecture allows you to access data and generate your own reports and queries

  • Data such as assessor's parcel information for all properties, inspectors, installers, designers, and treatment locations can be pre-loaded at no additional cost

  • Most data is entered using drop-down boxes, greatly reducing keyboard entries
  • Forms are locked to avoid accidental data entry changes (All changes must be confirmed)

  • Northbridge will provide one year of telephone support



Trial Version

(expires after  15 uses)

Download for MS Access 97 users (2.9 MB)


Download for MS Access 2000 users (2.9 MB)


Download for those without MS Access.

  (20.0 MB)


For help determining whether you have Access or which version you have, click here.

For more information, or to purchase SepInfo, contact Northbridge by email or phone at, 1-800-392-3506.